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Steve Williams
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Steve Williams played his first show at age 14
in Missouri City, Texas. That show started a
lifelong musical and creative journey. While
attending college and living in Austin, Texas,
Steve played guitar up and down the
famous 6th Street scene in various groups.
Upon graduating, Steve moved to Houston
and formed the legendary Pushing Vivid. It
was here that he began focusing on original
music. PV played such legendary clubs as
Fitzgerald's, Washington Ave. Show Bar, the
Axiom, Zelda's, Rudyard's, and many others.
Growing tired of slugging it out in the clubs
of Houston, Steve moved to Taiwan for a 6
month stay. Life tends to open some strange
doors and Steve stayed in Asia for over ten
years. While there, a new creative and
musical pathway began. While living in
Bangkok, Steve completed his first novel,
Wake of the Nightshade. The first in a series,
the book gained thousands of fans and
remains a popular download. The next
novel is slated for release in the latter half of
2017. Upon moving to Hong Kong, Steve
began playing guitar again. Now revitalized
with new energy, he went on to play shows
in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Soon,
the time was right to come back to the USA.
In Los Angeles, with all new material and a
crushing new rig, Steve played at the Whisky
a Go Go, the Piano Bar, the Mint, the Sunset
House of Blues, and even the legendary
Rainbow. Now, Steve has relocated
permanently to Austin, Texas after a journey
of over half the Earth! After only a few
months in Austin, Steve is already getting
ready to start playing shows. Be on the
lookout for a brand new release featuring
all original music. Steve's latest offering,
WATER AND POWER, will be out soon.
Advance copies are quickly creating
excitement in Austin and beyond!
"My music and writing are all intertwined. They
follow a thread that weaves through the nature
of the very universe. My novels create the "lyrics"
of my music while the music serves as the
"soundtrack" to my writings. Whichever you
choose first, be prepared to be transported into
the realms of concepts and thought. I'll meet
you there."
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