My main PRS. A Custom 24
Floyd. There is some
speculation about exactly
which color it is. I refer to it as
Bloody. The SC 250 is called
Reddy. No mods at all. I
started playing PRS guitars for
several reasons. The most
important of which is that they
seem to stay in tune onstage. I
got the SC 250 first, actually,
but I needed a 24 fret guitar as
many of my songs require full
access to the upper frets. So I
happily added this beast. It is
strung with D'Addario 120BT
9-40 strings. I love those
strings as the balanced
tension seems much more
comfortable when playing fast.
Above is my oldest guitar. It is now
35 years old. I bought it new in
Houston, Texas. I actually got it for
a penny. That's right. A penny.
They had a sale that promised if
someone bought a Les Paul at full
retail, he could take any other for a
penny. I bought a red Les Paul and
picked this one in about 2 minutes. I
quickly noticed that it sounded
much more powerful than the other
and sold the red one. Its been with
me ever since. I mostly use it for
drop tunings these days. The
pickups are Burstbucker 3s. The
original ones died long ago.
This is the first PRS I bought. I
bought it at Guitar Center
Hollywood. It was on the wall for 6
months and I would drop by and
play it. Finally, after I played at the
Whisky A Go Go, I decided to buy it.
A great decision. It has a huge
sound and it is super fast to play.
The color is hard to see in the pics
but is stunning onstage. After
playing a black guitar for years, I
was happy to be back with a tiger
stripe. It is completely stock. Same
strings as the Floyd. All my guitars
have the same strings.
This is my current rig. It is the
Axe Fx ll Mark 2 with the MFC
101 Foot Controller. The
expression pedals are two
Mission Engineering EP 1s.
The silver one is the dedicated
wah wah and the black one is
a chameleon. It is a rate
control for time effects, a
volume pedal on certain
presets, a distortion control on
the amp model, and very
rarely, a whammy pedal.
Output 1 goes to the FOH and
has a Mesa V30 412 cabinet
model. Output 2 goes into the
Matrix 800 watt power amp
and out to two Mesa Recto
212s with V30 speakers. Its,
um, loud.
My AXE FX signal chain is as follows: MXR Block Phaser, FAS Wah, Octaver, Rotovibe, OctaFuzz,
Mesa Dual Rectifier RED MODERN, 2290 Delay, Stereo Tape Delay, Octave Shimmer Delay, Jet
Flanger, Panning Tremolo, and Cathedral Reverb. The Tuner is button 16. The entire pedal board is
powered by a single midi cable with phantom power. Bada Bing! I use Dunlop Tortex .88 picks.